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Our Story

New Mexico's Hardworking Cannabis

Yeah, we’re in the cannabis business, but we’re also in the business of enhancing lives. More than just a plant, cannabis can have a positive effect on the mind and body, promoting healing, relaxation, positivity, and beyond. These are the ways in which Sawmill Cannabis Co. aims to impact our customers’ lives—and we promise that both us and our products work hard at it!

Our Process

Dedication to Purity & Quality

There are two things cannabis products should be: pure and high quality—and at Sawmill Cannabis Co., these aren’t up for debate. With purified growing and quality manufacturing processes, our products always exceed the standards for purity and quality, and that’s something we work hard to maintain—because it’s a priority for the customers and a necessity of our team. 

Grown & Cultivated With Care

Care is a cornerstone of our company; from growing plants to producing products, we care about every phase because we care about you!

Pure, Solventless Extraction

Using natural elements to extract cannabinoids, solventless extraction ensures a safer, purer product with no chemical residue and intact terpenes.

Unparalleled Personal Service

Everyone’s need and use of cannabis is different—from methods to effects, our team provides customized service to ensure an exceptionally elevated experience.

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